Commercial law

Establishment of companies, status changes, drafting of contracts and other documents, representation in court proceedings, representation in negotiations and legal advice.

Setting up a company

We assist you in drafting contracts and gathering all required documents, as well as representing or acting on your behalf before public notaries, commercial registries, banks, tax authorities and other public bodies. We can advise and represent you in procedures when it comes to obtaining regulatory permits and licenses for setting up a company and assist in other legal steps that pertain to starting a business.

We take into account constraints - we’re respectful of your time, making sure you don’t have to come to the office or the court if you prefer not to. We provide you with drafts and the documentation while consulting you through the entire process - executing a plan we agreed upon.

Legal support in your everyday business

We draft contracts that are necessary to avoid any potential legal disputes - whether they be business cooperation agreements, sales contracts, service contracts, lease contracts, copyright contracts, license contracts, employment contracts or any other type of contract.

We compile terms of use and privacy policies so your ecommerce site is maximally compliant with all relevant ecommerce regulation, as well as consumer rights protection, personal data protection and other applicable regulatory requirements.

We advise you when it comes to consumer rights protection, regulatory obligations, personal data protection, labour law, protection of intellectual property as well as on other issues important to your business.

We provide representation to our clients during negotiations with (their) business partners, counterparties or regulators and, if need be, in litigation and administrative proceedings - be they commercial disputes, intellectual property disputes, labour law disputes or some other disputes. We also represent parties in mediation processes.

We navigate you through the process of making company status changes - whether they are minor changes like changing the director/officer or something more significant like mergers and acquisitions, transfer of shares, liquidation or restructuring.

Most common commercial law documents

When setting up a company:

  • Articles of associations

  • Special power-of-attorney

  • Statement on acceptance of appointment as director of the company

  • Decision on the appointment of director

  • Decision on the appointment of procurator (if procurator exists)

  • Decision on the first business address within the corporate seat

During regular business:

  • Business cooperation agreement (with various business partners and vendors)

  • License agreement

  • Lease agreement

  • Sales contract

  • Non-disclosure agreement

  • Terms of use

  • Privacy policy

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