Media Law

Representation in court proceedings and drafting of various types of contracts in the field of media law

Media law and electronic media rights protection

Based on our extensive practice with media companies, we provide our clients with a wide scope of services in the area of media law. Our distinctive experience lies within the TV, film, publishing and marketing industries.

Our services include consulting and representing clients before regulatory authorities regarding obtaining permits in the media industry, representing clients in compensation disputes with regards to reputational damages committed by publication of information in the media, legal advice that pertains to advertising and legal advice and representation regarding the right to access to information.

We have profound knowledge to fully support our clients during the whole process of the production of audio-visual media works. We draft license agreements, production and co-production agreements, as well as contracts with directors, producers, screenwriters, music composers, cinematographers, film and sound editors, actors and other crew members. We provide legal support during the entire production process assuring access to legal advice: drafting statements with respect to copyright while also providing valuable advice for getting access to national center grants.

We check our client’s press statements to point out any possible defamation of character issues and to make sure it doesn’t infringe any copyrights or right to privacy of third parties - in order to reduce the risk of potential disputes.

We draw up license agreements, distribution agreements, terms of use and privacy policies so that your electronic media is maximally compliant when it comes to electronic media regulations, consumer rights protection, personal data protection and any other relevant regulations.
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