Intellectual Property Law

Representation in trademark and design protection procedures, drawing up copyright and other contracts in the field of intellectual property rights

Trademark and industrial design protection

We advise how to protect your intellectual property - whether it’s software, audiovisual works, a marketing campaign, development of a brand or franchise, product design, interior design or any other project.

Copyright Law

In the field of copyright law - we draft license agreements, copyright agreements and other types of agreements relating to IP rights. We also advise you on how to adapt clauses pertaining to copyright in existing contracts and we draft clauses concerning copyright management. In case that copyrights are exercised collectively - we negotiate with organizations for collective management of rights.

We carry out copyright registration processes with the purpose of proving the existence of authorship, and also represent clients before specialized commercial courts in the Republic of Croatia in disputes related to intellectual property.

Industrial property

With the purpose of protecting your industrial property, we represent you during trademark and industrial design registrations before the State Intellectual Property Office, European Union Intellectual Property Office and World Intellectual Property Office. We advise you on possible existing trademarks and designs that would prevent the registration of your trademark or design, we help you choose the categories of products or services for trademark or design protection and assist you in choosing the countries in which you’d like to have your trademark protected. We draft applications in the registration process, complaints and responses to complaints. We draft contracts concerning the transfer of industrial property rights and license contracts.

Trade secret - Soft IP

With the intent of protecting your trade secrets we advise you how to protect them by drafting valid non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and by drafting and adapting adequate provisions concerning the protection of secrecy into existing contracts, whether they are business cooperation contracts or employment contracts. We also conduct court proceedings regarding the violation of trade secrets.
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