Natalija Labavić Law Office

The key to an effective legal service lies in knowing my client’s business inside out.

Natalija possesses vast legal experience and knowledge in the fields of entertainment and media industries, intellectual property, commercial and labour law, as well as human rights protection and data protection law.

She has been advising and representing numerous clients, domestic, EU and international market leaders since 2005. 

Natalija has built her career working alongside prestigious lawyers from around the world - working for three years as a legal assistant at an international court in The Hague, where she also attended numerous trainings and seminars. In 2011, she returned to Croatia, where she started a law office helping companies and individuals find the best legal solutions. Her “trademark” - a holistic approach to the legal profession that also takes into account the client’s business aspect, helping them as a strategic partner, not just as a legal advisor. 

Natalija is a regular guest speaker at law schools and various associations with the goal to inspire young generations to challenge the perceived barriers to success.

Education and certifications

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb in 2005, Natalija went on to complete her specialization at the Faculty of Political Science in 2015, with a dissertation on “Transfer of Personal Data from the EU to the USA using Safe Harbor.”

She attended the Academy for Political Development - Council of Europe's Young Leaders Program, while brushing up her knowledge on copyright law by attending Harvard University's CopyrightX.

In 2021, Natalija also completed the MBA Course at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the Business Coaching academy organized by PricewaterhouseCoopers as well as numerous other educations with the goal of improving not only legal knowledge but also acquiring other skills useful for successful business management.

She has also passed the exam as a trademark and industrial design legal representative at the State Intellectual Property Office, and is also a licensed mediator.

A legal team of experienced experts

Natalija Labavić Law office has a history of collaborating with numerous offices - cooperating with specialized and experienced attorneys in order to tailor the best legal solution for her clients.

Commercial law and company law, labour law, land registry and real estate law, human rights
Sports law, medical law, civil law, litigation, criminal law
Civil law, commercial law, intellectual property, administrative law, enforcement claims, human rights

Doing business in the region?

Our law office can provide comprehensive legal service in all the countries in the region, in collaboration with our long-standing partner law firms.

What do you get from working with us?

First of all, we are proud of the exceptional quality of our service, which is the result of dedication to your individual and specific needs, a detailed study of your industry and alignment with the best practices in Croatia and abroad.

We closely follow global trends and modern technologies, we participate in conferences and seminars that deal with current topics from our clients' industries, and we approach our work in a multidisciplinary manner.

In our work with clients, what sets us apart from others is our dedication, constant availability and loyalty to our clients, which is why we are proud that clients stay with us for many years and trust us again and again every day in the most delicate legal situations.

Doing business in the region?

Our law office can provide comprehensive legal service in all the countries in the region, in collaboration with our long-standing partner law firms.
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